Smart Ease brand kit for Channel Partners

Make sure your customers have up-to-date information about Smart Ease payment solutions. 

Earlier this year, we changed our brand from Energy Ease to Smart Ease. To help you make sure that Smart Ease details are correct on your website, proposals and other marketing material, we’ve pulled together all the resources you’ll need in one place. 

Use the checklist on the right to work through the steps, and access all the necessary files in one place using the button below. 

Downloadable files include:

  • our new logo in several formats,
  • Brand Guidelines which contain company and product descriptions, and
  • a handy ‘How to’ guide. 

Please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or feedback.  

Thanks for your help in making sure your customers – and ours! – stay up to date. 

Smart Ease branding checklist

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