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Glamping start-up invests in solar with no upfront spend

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, Oakwood Luxury Glamping offers guests an escape to nature without the hassle and mess of traditional camping.

In keeping with Oakwood’s focus on the natural environment, Director Daniel Schofield made the decision to invest in renewable sources of energy.

The team from Green Building Renewables designed and installed a 19.4kW system integrated with 3x Tesla Powerwalls.

The system is estimated to provide 27.4% of Oakwood’s electricity consumption and result in a lifetime energy-bill saving of £198,137.

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Project snapshot

Industry: Tourism

Channel Partner: Green Buildings Renewable

System size: 19.4kW

48x Longi solar panels
1x Solis Inverter 
3x Tesla Powerwalls

Payment Plan term: 5 years

Daniel chose to use a Smart Ease Payment Plan to finance the project. As a new business, this made the most commercial sense. The Oakwood team could pay for the solar and EV installation through affordable monthly installments rather than as an out-of-pocket upfront cost. This meant that Oakwood’s precious start-up capital was left untouched and could be used for more important things, like growing the business.

Oakwood began welcoming guests in the second half of 2023. They can now proudly say that their business both celebrates and looks after the natural environment around them.

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