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Rino Recycling’s mission to decarbonise

In 2023, Brisbane-based Rino Recycling built a state-of-the-art commercial waste recycling facility, making them the world’s largest under-one-roof company of its kind.

In designing the new facility, the Rino Recycling leadership team was very focused on including clean energy sources in their energy mix. Breaking down construction materials like skip bins and concrete slabs is an extremely energy-intensive process and, as part of the carbon-capture industry, the Rino team wanted to find ways to efficiently decarbonise this process.

Rino’s Chief Financial Officer, Richard Jacobitz, reached out to Jack Hooper of GEM Energy, to explore the possibility of installing a solar system at their new facility.

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Project snapshot

Industry: Waste Management/Recycling

Channel Partner: GEM Energy


548kW system comprising 961 Jinko panels and 4 Sungrow inverters

Payment Plan term: 120 months

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“Carbon capture and recycling is very near and dear to our heart, so where we get power from and how we capture renewables is very critical. One of the things that was very high up on our list was using solar power.”

– Richard Jacobitz, Rino Recycling

The solution

After completing a techno-commercial feasibility study of the site, Jack recommended a 548kW solar system featuring 961 Jinko solar panels and 4 Sungrow inverters. With such a large installation, Jack also proposed the option of using a Smart Ease Payment Plan to minimise the cost hurdle of the project.


“The Smart Ease Payment Plan is quite pivotal to the sales process of these large commercial projects, because quite often corporates or large businesses have got capital that they’re looking to invest in other primary drivers within the business…
“Smart Ease can offer a flexible Payment Plan that allows no upfront capital cost and then affordable monthly repayments that are largely aligned with the savings that they make on their power bills.”

– Jack Hooper, GEM Energy

Using a Smart Ease Payment Plan meant that Rino Recycling did not have to dedicate any upfront capital to the cost of the solar installation and could instead pay for the system over time with manageable monthly repayments. The repayments were estimated to be lower than Rino Recycling’s total monthly energy savings from generating solar power, which made the entire project a cash-flow positive one from the outset.

The win

Installing Rino Recycling’s 548kW solar system was no easy feat – the facility was still under construction and required a great deal of coordination and safety planning. Happily, it was completed in September 2023, safely, on time and on budget.

Rino Recycling is estimated to be saving a huge $150,000 per year in energy bills, making it a considerable win to the company’s bottom-line.

On top of that, the solar installation reduces their carbon emissions by 15 percent, further supporting Rino Recycling’s carbon-capture mission.

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