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4 tips for a smooth finance Settlement

You’ve installed equipment for your customer. The next thing on your mind is getting paid. 

We want to make that happen as quickly as possible. But before it does, Smart Ease needs to conduct Settlement to ensure all paperwork is correct, as well as calling your customer to confirm equipment has been received.

So we’ve come up with four things you can do to help Settlement happen without a hitch.

  1. Before installation occurs, advise us if any pricing or equipment has changed since the initial Application (e.g. brand or number of panels and inverters). We can quickly send you and your customer an updated Agreement to reflect this (and avoid delays).
  2. Double check that equipment on the Tax Invoice matches the Agreement and the serial numbers are 100% accurate.
  3. Make sure your customer has signed the Certificate of Acceptance.
  4. Get a clear copy of current Driver’s Licence of a Director / Guarantor – front and back sides (unless previously provided).

Once Settlement is confirmed, you will receive payment within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about the Settlement process call our team on 033 3404 0695.