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Smart Ease and OpenSolar offer innovative funding options for UK-based solar professionals

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In excellent news for the UK solar industry, Smart Ease is extending its partnership with OpenSolar to make it easier for solar installers to close commercial opportunities.

OpenSolar, a powerful – and 100% free – end-to-end digital design, sales and management platform, already integrates Smart Ease payment solutions in Australia and New Zealand, and from 27 October UK solar professionals will be able to access competitive and convenient funding options to make it easier for customers to adopt solar.

With a few simple clicks, UK installers will be able to integrate Smart Ease Payment Plans quickly and easily into their proposals. Customers can then click through to sign the Payment Plan agreement – all without having to navigate multiple platforms.

Smart Ease provides funding options that can be structured either as a loan or rental agreement and can approve up to £100k without the customer needing to provide financials – all in under 5 minutes and with £0 upfront payment.

“Many businesses and organisations don’t realise that getting solar equipment on a Payment Plan can be a cash-flow positive proposition immediately,” said Guy Olian, CEO, Smart Ease.
“Once a solar system is installed, the grid-sourced electricity bill drops significantly. Even when you add the monthly solar equipment payments, the overall cost is often less than the business’ current grid-sourced energy bill.”

“This Smart Ease integration with OpenSolar comes at the perfect moment,” says Andy Rose, General Manager, OpenSolar UK, “just as the UK solar and storage industry is experiencing unprecedented demand.”

“OpenSolar was founded to simplify the solar adoption process and empower installers with effective, accessible and affordable tools to grow. With Smart Ease now integrated, UK installers can offer competitive commercial financing within their OpenSolar proposals. Removing cost barriers for customers makes it easier for installers to meet market demand and win more sales.”

The UK solar sector has more than doubled in 12 months and has seen strong growth across residential, commercial rooftop and ground-mount sites. During 2022, new solar deployment in the UK is set to comfortably exceed the 1GW level for the first time since 2016.

“With energy costs soaring, all organisations will be looking for ways to access cheaper and cleaner energy while avoiding upfront capital outlays,” says Guy. “With a strong track record in funding renewable-energy projects in Australia and New Zealand, Smart Ease is well placed to help UK solar installers offer their commercial customers a stress-free way to adopt solar.”

Benefits of the partnership

  • Commercial solar customers can apply and get instant* approval for (up to £100k) Smart Ease Payment Plans within the OpenSolar proposal
  • Organisations pay £0 upfront on Smart Ease Payment Plans
  • Platform integration automatically updates with latest rates and pricing
  • Customers can review agreements and digitally sign straight from the OpenSolar proposal
  • Solar installers get paid within 48 hours of installation and settlement of the project

Learn more about becoming a Smart Ease Accredited Channel Partner

*Subject to credit criteria and approval. For transactions over £100k additional information may be requested.

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