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Top takeouts from Solar & Storage LIVE 2023

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Solar & Storage LIVE gave us loads to think about this year. The UK commercial-solar industry is buzzing, but it’s also changing. 

Whether you’re a seasoned installer or a newcomer to the industry, here are our top takeaways from the event for commercial-solar installers.

1. Lots of players in the game

Insight > From solar panels to batteries to EV chargers, there’s a lot on offer for customers right now. Customers will pick what they like best – but may also be confused about what’s right for them. 

Action > Help your customers understand what technologies will give them the best results – and try not to muddy the waters by over-complicating the choices.

2. Who’s paying?

Insight > Around 75% of commercial solar projects aren’t funded out of business savings or cash. Businesses are getting help from banks, specialist funders or using setups like PPAs. 

Action > When speaking to customers, make sure they know there are ways to fund these projects without breaking the bank. Help them understand how Payment Plans or PPAs may help them reach their goals.

3. Power to the people

Insight > More and more, individuals and businesses will get to see and control how they use their electricity. This is good news because it means they can choose what’s best for them.

Action > Inform yourself about consumer data control. Help your customers make informed decisions and select technologies that offer the best outcomes for them.

4. Talking money

Insight > Around half the installers we spoke to at the event said that they are losing out on 50% of sales due to cost anxiety. Often, funding options are introduced into customer conversations very late – and only in response to a cost objection. 

Action > There’s a clear need for flexible financial solutions. Instead of using payment plans to overcome cost objections, offer them up front in the sales conversation to facilitate an easier decision. Read Close more deals with this killer sales hack for more on how to do this. 

5. Cash (flow) is king

Insight > With so many jobs on the go, it’s crucial to keep the cash rolling in. 

Action > Get in touch with us to learn about innovative solutions like split invoice/disbursement models, which are gaining traction. Smart money practices can help solar businesses manage their finances more effectively.

6. Smaller jobs are in demand

Insight > Established installers seem to be gravitating towards smaller, more manageable projects. (Those big, monster projects can take ages and present real headaches.)

Action > If others are after the same sized jobs as you, get very specific about what you’re offering and why you’re better. Work out where your ‘sweet spot’ is. What industries have you had success with? What size systems are they after? Refine your offer and target your niche.

PLUS! One to watch – big fish are eating little fish

Insight > Some of the big players are buying up smaller installers. This could mean fewer, bigger players in the game. 

Action > Watch this space! The big end of town firming up their market position suggests potential market dominance from larger entities, which could reshape competitive dynamics.

There’s no doubt about it – the commercial-solar industry in the UK is in the midst of significant transformation. 

But by understanding these key takeaways and adapting to them, installers can stay sharp and make the most of these opportunities. Remember: the future is brightest for those who are best prepared.

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